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Marilyn McLeod

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Marilyn McLeod is an Author, Publisher, Speaker, Coach and Owner of the LinkedIn Group: Book Writing, Self Publishing & Marketing.

She wrote one of the first books about self publishing in 2009. Ken Shelton, ghostwriter of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, was her first book coach, helping her create 7 Steps to Success: In Business & in Life During Recession or Recovery.

Marilyn will guide you through the process of authorship from idea to book and beyond through this summit series.

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12 Sessions in This Summit Series:

Typical Daily Schedule: 8a-3p PT

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September 7, 2024

Do You Have The Support You Need to Write?

There are so many distractions that can sideline your efforts to write your book. Are there ways you can adjust your environment and your support system to help you focus, rather than distract you?

During this summit we'll share author stories about how they've created a supportive environment that helps them produce content.

Come check it out, and see which strategies you might try.

September 14, 2024

How Do You Know You're Writing the Right Book?

Writing a book is a time and energy intensive process, so it's very important to know why you're choosing your book topic before you put a lot of resources into the process.

Our speakers share their experience, both positive and negative, about their choice of book topic and how it worked out for them.

Regardless of where you are in your writing process, there is wisdom in learning from the experience of others.

Join us to expand your awareness of options as you move forward as an author!

September 21, 2024

Getting to Know Your Readers

Are You Writing for Yourself or Your Readers?

Sometimes you start out writing for yourself, and afterward it's a revelation where your message will have the most impact.

If you have a professional goal and you know who you want to see you in a particular way, join this summit to learn from the experts who understand avatars and how to learn their characteristics so you can create your book in a way your intended audience will hear you.

September 28, 2024

Will Your Book Attract The Right Readers?

When you're clear about your target audience's characteristics and your own brand, and how you want to be seen by your readers, you can incorporate concepts and word choices in order to catch your audience's attention.

Our speakers each have a unique approach to branding, messaging and positioning.

Listen in and choose which approaches you'd like to explore for yourself!

October 5, 2024

Authorship Rules, Regulations & Best Practices

Look Out for Gotcha's!

Unless you're writing a book for your family for personal reasons, it's important to understand the larger regulatory landscape to avoid any future challenges.

Our speakers bring important concepts to help you navigate this territory.

Each year we'll feature new speakers, so follow us and ask about recordings from past summits.

October 12, 2024

Finding Your Best Writing Strategy

Need Some New Writing Strategy Ideas?

Do you have a hard time getting the words from your vision onto paper?

Our speakers share their own personal strategies … what's worked for them and what hasn't.

Join us to learn more ways you can try to create a writing strategy that will work for you.

October 19, 2024

Editing & Finishing Touches

Getting Help to Make Your Book Shine

With self-publishing, authors can bring to market their work at any level of quality. Sometimes that means books filled with errors, which reduces credibility in the eyes of the reader. The book can contain amazing content, but if it's not presented well it can repel readers before they have a chance to look more deeply into the book.

There are a wide variety of professionals who can help you give your book its best image.

Our speakers share their contribution to the quality of your book, and what they're looking for as they choose their new projects.

October 26, 2024


How Do You Want Your Readers to See Your Book?

Your credibility as the author is closely aligned with how your book appears on the bookshelf, on your sales page, and as you hand your book to introduce yourself.

If you're not an experienced graphic designer, you may want to bring someone with that skill into your project.

Our speakers share their design tips to help you choose the right look for your book.

November 2, 2024

Book Publishing Options

Do You Know Your Publishing Options?

Basically an author can self-publish, work with a traditional publisher, or work with a hybrid publisher.

What does this mean, what are the nuances, and what can you learn from publishers to help you choose the best path for you?

November 9, 2024

Speaking to Amplify Your Message

Would Speaking Enhance Your Career & Book?

Have you written your book to introduce yourself and your expertise to a particular audience?

Would speaking to that audience about your book concepts help move your career forward?

Learn tips and advice from speaking professionals to help you.

November 16, 2024

Getting Your Book To Your Audience

How Do You Sell Your Books?

Our speakers share their tips and strategies to help you find ways to get your book into your audience's hands.

Whether your target audience is massive or small, building your distribution strategy either before or during your writing process will help you be ready when your book is published.

November 23, 2024

Creative Ways to Monetize Your Book

You've worked hard to organize the concepts in your book into a logical order.

You've massaged the language, and you've created a visual representation of your book.

Now what?!

If you want to serve your audience in expanded ways beyond just reading your book, what are your options?

Check out our speakers as they share their experience, positive and negative, of options they've explored.